Fast Facts: U.S. Hardest Hit By Mobile Ransomware in 2017

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Everyone inside and outside IT knows what WannaCry is and what it did in a short time span earlier this year, capturing and freezing data on computers and mobile devices across enterprises large and small.

But while the WannaCry ransomware stole the headlines, it’s been just one in a sea of attacks so far in 2017, many of which are targeting mobile devices.

According to a new report by Kaspersky Lab, mobile ransomware attacks were up 253% in Q1 2017 from Q4 2016, with actual numbers showing an increase from 61,832 to 218,625 during that time frame. Some 86% of the attacks came from the “Congur” family of ransomware, which sets or resets the device passcode and gives hackers administrative rights to the device.

Inside the ransomware numbers:

  • 479,528,279 malicious attacks from online resources were recorded in Q1
  • Devices in 190 countries were impacted
  • The United States was hardest hit by ransomware attacks
  • Average ransom to unlock device was between $100 and $500

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