Movers & Shakers: Equifax Fills CISO Slot, Ex-Nokia CTO Focuses On 5G

At Enterprise Mobility Exchange, we focus on the challenges enterprises face in the world of mobile transformation, and how those obstacles are overcome with technological advancement. What’s often not discussed, however, is the “who” behind these massive corporations and how they impact business practices.

This column, titled Movers & Shakers, focuses on which IT executives are making moves within the industry and what it means to their respective companies.

Equifax Taps Veteran CISO To Lead New Charge
It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. The most embattled company of 2017 (well, next to Uber) had to be Equifax, which had more than 140 million user records breached, including sensitive personal and financial data. After clearing out its security team post-incident, the company has brought in Jamil Farshchi as its new CISO. Farshchi is the former CISO of Home Depot, Time Warner Inc., and VP of Global Information Security at VISA.

Former Nokia CTO Becomes Strategic Advisor
Hossein Moiin spent nearly the entire last decade serving as the Chief Technology Officer and Strategy Officer for Nokia, but has moved on to serve as Strategic Advisor for Coriant, a global supplier of networking solutions currently focused on the 5G movement. Prior to Nokia, Moiin served as Vice President of T-Mobile.

Federal Agent Moves From Physical To Cyber Crime
Continuing the monthly wave of public sector professionals moving to private sector technology firms, the FBI’s Timothy Gallagher, who led the Newark, NJ field office, announced his retirement after 20 years of service. He’s headed to Kroll Associates as a Managing Director and will use his investigative expertise for cybercrime and threat defense.

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