RSA Makes Small, But Impactful Charge At Mobile Security

Regardless of new technologies and innovations, there are two ever-growing channels of digital transformation enterprises must be aware of: mobility, and the increasing need for cyber security.

The annual RSA Conference is drawing near, and while the crux of the major event is focused on enterprise security as a whole, there’s no choice but to dive into other ends of the spectrum, including mobile security and how protecting a seemingly endless landscape of threat vectors now plays into everyday life.

Unfortunately, the five-day event only has a small sampling of sessions focused on mobile security, but they’re outlined to bring impact. As recently reported by Enterprise Mobility Exchange, some 42% of enterprises now consider themselves mobile-first, and with that comes an entirely new security protocol needed in the IT department.

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RSA, which will be held in San Francisco from April 16 to April 20, has carved out some pathways to explore the intersection of enterprise mobility and security, including:

How Cloud, Mobility and Shifting App Architectures Will Transform Security
The punchy, 45-minute session on Tuesday, April 17, states “Malice, Mandates and Modernization. The weaponization of cyberspace, growing  complexity of regulations, changing infrastructures and new application architectures – current approaches are stretched too thin to be effective. But that misses the most important point. Cloud and mobility may be the single biggest gift to security, enabling new security models never before possible.”

My Voice Is Your Command: The Perils Of Smart Voice Assistants
Smart assistants, like the recent announcement of Alexa for Business, are growing in popularity in the enterprise. Those, of course, come with a security cost as well. The Tuesday, April 17 event at 2 p.m. states, “Voice activated smart assistants built into dedicated, stationary devices, such as Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple’s HomePod, are increasingly being found in homes around the globe. This talk will analyze the risks associated with using such smart devices. Learn how they can be tricked into revealing data, setting alarms at 2 a.m., or being deactived remotely.”

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Improving Mobile Authentication For Public Safety And First Responders
While mobility, overall, is enhancing productivity across industries, some are finding it harder to secure than others, including public safety. This session, scheduled for Thursday, April 19 at 8 a.m., will uncover the ways NIST is creating a framework to face the challenges of mobile security for public safety and first responders. “In this session, experts from the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence at NIST will discuss the challenge of mobile native application authentication for public safety personnel and demo a reference design developed by the NCCoE and industry experts,” the event’s abstract states.

The annual event is expected to see tens of thousands of attendees who will be eyeing the expert analysis and industry insight brought forth to uncover emerging challenges, like that of blockchain, artificial intelligence, mobility, and network security as a whole.

Find out more about the event here.