Top 5 Q2 Enterprise Mobility Articles

Mobile Security, Data and Digital Transformation Lead

As Q2 comes to a close, the buzzwords have been abound in the enterprise mobility space as organizations focus on overall digital transformation. Creating efficiencies, cost savings, improved customer experience and gaining competitive advantage are most often cited as the key business drivers. At Enterprise Mobility Exchange, we aim to provide coverage of the technologies that are most pertinent to you. Blockchain, AI/machine learning, VR/AR, IoT, Cloud, Security have remained featured topic areas these past three months, and we will continue to report on their evolution in the second half of the year. Below are the 5 articles that topped the charts this quarter:

1. Data Dump: How To Analyze, Monetize All That Information

This report provides insight into the unrealized value of the data you've been amassing, providing specific examples from companies across a variety of industries and sizes, who are capitalizing on their data to drive decision-making and bring real business value.

2. Rethinking Mobile Security: Q&A With MobileIron CEO Simon Biddiscombe 

In a discussion with Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Biddiscombe shares his thoughts on state of the mobile enterprise, and how security, UEM, GDPR and the cloud are all transforming how devices are protected.

3. Enterprise Mobility Needs A Complete Security Stack To Comply With GDPR

Although May 25th came and went, GDPR is here to stay. Ahead of the deadline, we provided an overview of how enterprises in a mobile-first world need to prepare. And…it’s not too late to put policies in place to mitigate risk.

4. Modern Device Management: Resist Or Embrace? 

ESG’s Mark Bowker addresses how IT teams can manage the vast number of devices and operating systems employees are now accessing. What does modern management look like?

5. How to Apply Project Management Skills to Achieve Digital Transformation Success 

One of the most underrated keys to digital transformation success? A strong foundation of project management practices. This article provides helpful tips for managing mobile app development projects, the importance of a customer-centric approach and how to recoup investments wasted on poor implementation.