Visibility Meets IoT For Enhanced Endpoint Security

Securing the limitless Internet of Things (IoT) market has become a priority for enterprises around the globe, as enterprise mobility continues to gain traction, therefore expanding the reach of constant connectivity.

Two companies have announced a collaboration to harness security on those endpoint devices and creates a new data point of enhanced visibility into the IoT web within the enterprise.

British Telecommunications, also known as BT, has teamed up with ForeScout, an IoT security software company, to create BT Managed Endpoint Access Security focused on protecting businesses from cyber threats and malware through greater visibility and better monitoring of devices connected to their corporate network.

ForeScout’s technologies provide the backbone for the new technology, which gives insight to visibility and control of devices connected enterprise networks, including managed, unmanaged, private devices, BYODs and IoT.

“With more devices connecting to enterprise networks than ever before, the attack surface is expanding exponentially. Staying ahead of the game is an ongoing effort for any organization,” said Todd DeBell, VP of Global Channels at ForeScout. “[The new relationship] will bring additional reassurance to CIOs and CISOs looking for improved security and better orchestration.”

Visibility into enterprise mobile devices is a growing need to better allocate resources and shorten the decision making process for IT management. Enterprise Mobility Exchange is currently fielding a survey on the topic to better understand what managers of mobility are able to see with their company’s mobile devices and how that data is being used. Take part in the survey and enter to win a prize by clicking here.

Mobile security in the enterprise is top of mind for organizations around the world, as the use of endpoint devices continues to grow and brings with it the proliferation of increased threat vectors. Enterprise Mobility Exchange will host its Security East event in Miami, Florida this October, bringing together dozens of CIOs, CISOs, VPs, Heads, and Directors of mobility and security to network, benchmark, and share information with their peers in a closed-door round table setting.

Sessions will include taking deeper looks at the BYOD vs. COPE platform in the enterprise and how security plays a role; the legal ramifications and liabilities associated with mobility in the enterprise; secure enterprise messaging and communications, among many others.

To find out more about the Enterprise Mobility Exchange: Security East event, taking place on Oct. 10 and 11, visit the website here