Protecting Sensitive Mobile Information With High Level Encryption

Macate Group Corp., a Silicon Valley based secure mobile communication and media device leader, recently announced its CodeTel advanced encryption applications, CodeTel Mail and CodeTel Messenger which will provide businesses and consumers privacy and protection at a time when data security and compromised communications are making headlines around the globe.

Working off Macate's proprietary CodeTel secure software platform, the mail and messenger applications provide unique end-to-end encryption capabilities to secure mission-critical data and sensitive personal communications.

"When you send a message, the only person that should see it is the intended recipient." said CEO Isaac Daniel. "CodeTel Mail and Messenger technology will allow users to securely communicate with people around the world, without fear of hackers, or even the government having access to your private conversations."

CodeTel Mail

The mail application is ideal for business-to-business and personal secure communications, providing an unmatched piece of mind for anyone concerned about online security and privacy for their communications. CodeTel Mail allows consumers and businesses alike to communicate confidential, secure information across the internet through the use of the highest level of AES encryption technology.

Key Features:

-         Randomly generated private "key" for every message and attachment that is known only to sender and recipient, for ultimate privacy.

-         Messages remain encrypted, even in backup servers.

-         Available for use with  embedded email platforms, including Outlook, Yahoo, Google and iCloud, as well as IMAP and POP email protocols.

-         Utilizes highest level AES encryption to provide a robust layer of protection.

-         Uses mutually-accepted contact structure (i.e. "trusted") for CodeTel™ Mail users, eliminating unwanted spam emails.


CodeTel Messenger

The messenger application allows individuals concerned about their privacy to rapidly and effortlessly send secure messages and files to contacts at the push of a button. Employing the highest level of AES encryption technology, the messenger application is a quick alternative to traditional email while still ensuring sensitive information is protected.

Key Features:

-         Allows for secure, encrypted transfer of a range of file types, including photos, video, PDF, ZIP, and Doc.

-         Allows the attachment of Maps with locations to a message thread.

-         Provides for rapid and secure group messaging capabilities.

-         Platform allows for end-to-end encrypted messaging, as well as the deletion and editing of messages and access to existing contacts.


With CodeTel Mail and Messenger, users can expect the utmost in mobile privacy to help manage their personal and professional