Setting The Dials: Security vs. Productivity

Posted: 09/07/2017

While fending off malicious threats from the outside, enterprises are forces to pick between end user security and productivity - a battle that will undoubtedly continue as technology evolves and hackers become more sophisticated.

That topic came up in a "Lunch Break" discussion between ESG Global's Mark Bowker, Senior Analyst, and Microsoft Corporate VP Brad Anderson. Bowker, a regular contributor to Enterprise Mobility Exchange, fields questions from Anderson about the state of cybersecurity and productivity, as well as the moves being made by Microsoft and Citrix in their ongoing partnership.

Watch the video to find out how IT administrators are "setting the dials" and finding the right balance between security and productivity.

Bowker is a longtime member of the Enterprise Mobility Exchange Advisory Board and has contributed to news articles and longer reports for the site. Check out a recent market report Bowker authored about cloud migration by clicking here

IQPC Editorial Team
Contributor: IQPC Editorial Team