Mobile Security Global Report: Survey Results

The Importance Of Having Visibility In Mobile Devices

Steven Lerner

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Most enterprises recognize the greatest mobile security threats today — such as data leakage, spyware, and phishing applications — and have organization-wide security policies for mobile devices. However, when an enterprise lacks the ability to see what networks employees are connected to via their corporate devices — whether it’s a laptop, phone, tablet or handheld — their security policies become obsolete.

Enterprise Mobility Exchange surveyed their audience on security threats to corporate-owned devices in July/August of 2018 to learn what some of the biggest vulnerabilities are, and how much visibility they currently have into those devices. Nearly half of all respondents in the survey couldn't determine how many security incidents were recorded in the past year. What's even more disturbing is that 66% of enterprises allow mobile workers to operate a corporate-owned device without a VPN, and 64% lack security rules that audit when a user connects to a public Wi-Fi or carrier network.

Without visibility into basic details, such as which devices were connected to their network with corporate VPN, enterprises are working in the dark and are more vulnerable to unknown threats. It is nearly impossible to measure the potential security incidents without real-time knowledge into how devices are currently being used.

In this report. we provide details on:

• How many mobile security incidents enterprises have recorded.

• The greatest mobile security threats our audience is facing.

• Tools to mitigate mobile security threats on corporate-devices on unsecured networks.