11 Best Practices To Improve Mobile Device Security

Solutions To Mitigate Mobile Vulnerabilities

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Steven Lerner

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Mobile devices have a target on their back. Thanks in part to numerous vulnerabilities and blind spots, mobile devices have become the primary gateway for cyber security attacks. Enterprises are just a single malicious app or corrupted network away from being victimized by hackers. The average cost of a corporate data breach is nearly $4 million.

In a 2018 Enterprise Mobility Exchange poll, 28% of users identified fake WiFi networks as the biggest threat to mobile devices, with malware infections coming in at 27%, malicious mobile apps at 25%, and phishing attacks at 20%. These alarming survey results shine a light on the increasing vulnerabilities enterprises need to be prepared for.

“The threat vectors are becoming more sophisticated,” said Brian Jacome, director of product innovation for the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). “What people would personally target on a desktop, they are now targeting more on mobile devices.”

Since mobile devices can represent an enormous security risk, enterprises need to be aware of every solution at their disposal. To help mitigate risks, Enterprise Mobility Exchange compiled a report featuring 11 of the best initiatives to enhance mobile device security, featuring advice from leading industry experts. The solutions can be utilized by all employees, because everyone in the company — from C-Suite to the IT department to business users — needs to do their part to reduce mobile device security risks and protect enterprise data.

Download this report to learn:

  • Why today’s mobile devices represent a colossal security risk
  • Ways to prohibit unauthorized access
  • How to enforce a strong remote lock and data wipe strategy without compromising personal employee data