Do Nationwide Delivery and Logistics Services Require Central Dispatch Management Solutions?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015.

Coillte, Ireland’s state-owned forest company, announced today that it will implement Trimble’s Forestry Logistics solution to provide its timber deliveries across Ireland with central dispatch management services.

Coillte has launched a comprehensive redesign of its business-operating model. One of the main results of this process was the decision to implement central dispatch systems and services.

Trimble – a solution provider specialising in applications requiring position or location, to raise productivity levels of field and mobile workers in business and government – was selected for its field-proven forestry logistics and log truck dispatching, specifically past experience in supporting the transition to a more optimal timber delivery process, part of Trimble’s Connected Forest strategy.

"Trimble Forestry has been designing and implementing central dispatch, log supply solutions and services with a proven track record, and was able to demonstrate the solution's innovative capabilities to meet the requirements of Coillte," said Matt Ludbrook, Manager of Trimble's Forestry Logistics.

Coillte’s selection of Trimble’s Forestry Logistics solution follows the implementation of Trimble’s enterprise forest management solution. Both components are core to Trimble’s Connected Forest that will enhance operational visibility to support optimisation of Coillte’s management and wood supply activities.

Trimble’s enterprise forest management solution provides a robust platform for managing asset inventory, in addition to creating and evaluating strategic and operational plans for short and long-term planning windows. The solution also allows decision makers to identify which actions need to be taken, and where.

Managers are able to schedule activities, plan and manage budgets, allocate resources, access maps and related spatial data within existing plans, and provide a thorough perspective on land-based activities and costs.

Trimble’s Connected Forest enables better decision making at every key stage of the forest-to-mill process, from land acquisition to product delivery, by combining industry-specialised software and cutting-edge hardware into solutions for land, forest and fibre management. Moreover, Trimble’s enterprise forest management solution can help businesses analyse options and priorities, optimally allocate resources, track progress and roll the information up to a management level.

"The selection of Trimble [solutions], following a comprehensive evaluation of potential providers, was based on its extensive domain knowledge and proven service performance to an extensive list of long-term customers. The move to central dispatch is a major change in Coillte's operating model, and Trimble was able to demonstrate that it was up to the challenge to meet their requirements," said Liam MacLaughlin, Coillte's Head of Procurement.