Enterprise Mobile Security Solution Delivers Higher Quality Service at Lower Costs

Monday, January 19, 2015.

Good Technology, a leader in secure mobility, announced today that KIRA, a provider of facilities maintenance and construction services, has chosen Good for Enterprise (GFE) to securely manage more than 1,000 remote employees, data and devices, in addition to accelerating employee productivity.

A Good Technology customer since 2005, KIRA works with organisations such as the US Coast Guard, US Air Force Academy and Naval and Marine Resource Centers, to manage facilities maintenance and construction services.

An innovator in its industry, KIRA recognised the opportunity to bring best-in-class mobile security solutions to its employees and remote workers, to enable task efficiency while ensuring critical customer data was not compromised.

The challenge for KIRA was establishing and maintaining a secure, reliable mobility platform, and ensuring communication with remote employees. KIRA selected GFE because it is easy to deploy, and supports multiple device platforms, including Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Good's proven track record in securing mobile applications includes FIPS validated encryption, and GFE is the only cross-platform mobile collaboration solution to achieve Common Criteria EAL4+, the highest level of certification, on both iOS and Android. This allows KIRA to have confidence that its data is secure, both in transit and at rest on employees' devices.

"KIRA is committed to delivering the highest quality service to our customers," said Carlos Garcia, President and Owner of KIRA. "A critical component of this strategy is our employees' ability to efficiently manage communications and projects. The flexibility in deployment and choice in platform was also a key selling point for us. This, combined with best-in-class security, has made Good the cornerstone of our growth strategy."

As well as real-time productivity and efficiency advantages for employees, KIRA's deployment of GFE has enabled the company to achieve significant cost savings.

"For customers like the US Federal Government, this has proven to be a differentiator for KIRA, enabling us to add more than $400million in new business over the past three years," continued KIRA's Carlos Garcia.

"KIRA is a great example of how integrating mobile security into your business model can create new opportunities, not only in the types and sizes of customers served, but also in the experience that can be delivered to employees and customers," said Bruce Pagliuca, SVP of Global Field Operations at Good Technology. "Innovative organisations like KIRA are not only bringing efficiency and productivity solutions to their employees, but are also able to deliver their services to customers securely and at a lower cost."

Good for Enterprise is a cross-platform day one business productivity solution, equipped with complete mobile device management. GFE is available as part of the Good Enterprise Suite, works across iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices, and is the only cross-platform mobile collaboration solution for iOS and Android to achieve Common Criteria EAL4+ certification.