Integrated Mobile Workplace Redefined with New Innovative App

Contributor: Robbie Westacott
Posted: 03/08/2015
Integrated Mobile Workplace Redefined with New Innovative App

MobilityLab LLC has announced the launch of the WorksPad solution, which aims to provide enterprise information workers around the world with an integrated mobile workplace, merging file-sharing, email, calendar and contacts in one integrated app.

WorksPad's developing company, MobilityLab, was created by Microsoft and HP alumni to take a new direction in Enterprise Mobility, by applying the information worker's multitasking scenarios to the modern mobile world.

Having received $3M of funding from private investors since 2012, MobilityLab has primarily gone about its work unnoticed, concentrating efforts on R&D. Now, with the new WorksPad 2.0, MobilityLab starts its global expansion in order to create a new approach for enterprises to meet their employee's needs of mobility.

"Standard Android and iOS mail, calendar, and contacts are good for consumers, but they are about one function, per app approach. The common consumer user experience is about working with one item at a time, without ability to open multiple items to switch across them. This is the key mobility issue when supporting multitasking scenarios," said CEO of MobilityLab Sergey Orlik.

"From another perspective, how do we work with business documents? Enterprise file sync and sharing solutions are about accessing file resources, viewing documents, and editing. However, these three key information worker tools ã?? file management, office and email client, have traditionally been disconnected. WorksPad solves this entire problem in a secure and centralised way."

Regardless of what users bring to their meetings, whether it is an iOS, Android or Windows device, WorksPad lets them easily exchange files across devices and operating systems in the same WiFi/LAN network.

Additionally, WorksPad has a special presentation mode on iPad, Android and Windows PC that provides business users with cross-devices screen sharing. These direct file and screen sharing capabilities are built, and extend on, system-level Internet of Things (IoT) technology AllJoyn framework.

"This is a great example of how the AllJoyn framework can be used to unleash new levels of innovation and connectivity," said Philip DesAutels, Senior Director, IoT, AllSeen Alliance.

"It's very cool to see WorksPad using AllJoyn to offer a new approach to business on mobile devices and make mobile devices more powerful in proximal networks. We're thrilled to have MobilityLab as a member of the Alliance and look forward to working together as we advance the technology."

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Contributor: Robbie Westacott

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