Sonim Technologies Launches Ultra-Rugged Android Developer Network

Wednesday, January 14, 2015.

Sonim Technologies, maker of the world’s toughest rugged smartphones for extreme environments, has launched its Ultra-Rugged Developer Network, a superior platform for developers to improve the reliability and usability of apps in harsh working environments.

The platform is targeted at best-in-class app developers with a focus on rugged workforce productivity and safety. It offers Sonim’s Sentrify Android API extensions on the company’s recently launched XP6 and XP7 models, the most open and programmable ultra-rugged LTE Android smartphones.

Sentrify APIs available to developers from the Sonim Ultra-Rugged Developer Network facilitate capabilities such as 'do not uninstall an app’, ‘do not disable GPS’, ‘auto-restart after crash’ and ‘do not force-quit an app’.

Additional APIs will also be available to control the Yellow Application Key as well as for Sonim’s proprietary XPand Interface, which allows partners to integrate hardware extensions and accessories directly on to both XP6 and XP7.

"Police and fire departments, oil and gas companies and logistics and transportation providers have told us that consumer apps and BYOD approaches do not meet their needs for the management and reliability of mission-critical apps for their workforces," said Jay Maniar, Sonim's Senior Director of Corporate Development.

"Our Ultra-Rugged Developer Network provides the resources, APIs and support for developer partners to build ultra-rugged apps that, when combined with our devices, will not fail and will be easy to use in the most extreme situations," Maniar concluded.

Both the XP6 and XP7 are crucial components of Sonim's solution, for users that work in extreme conditions. Both devices come with dedicated hard buttons that enhance worker productivity. These include push-to-talk, a feature that cuts connection time and creates a safer and more efficient work environment, with near instant two-way communication at the touch of a button.

Smartphone features that provide peace of mind to enterprises and their workers include an extra-loud speaker up to 103 decibels, which is considerably louder than consumer devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 at 66 decibels; noise cancellation; a powerful 4,800 mAh battery that's more than twice as big as an iPhone 6 battery; the ability to withstand a drop of 6.5 feet on to concrete and being submerged in 6.5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. Both devices also have a screen that can be viewed in direct sunlight, which is a critical feature for anyone working outdoors.

Furthermore, the XP7 is outfitted with a large-glove touch screen that can be used easily with dirty or wet work gloves. The XP6 provides a numeric keypad, in addition to a touch screen providing the best choice for workers familiar with Land Mobile Radio (LMR) devices.

A robust suite of industrial-grade accessories, such as remote speaker microphones, car kits and headphones, complete the solution, bringing a wide range of benefits to field workers and enterprises with deployments in challenging physical conditions.