Digital Strategy

Presentation: Andy Brown, Argos

Andy Brown talks you through the journey Argos has been on as it has adapted to the digital age. This presentation gets to the heart of customer experience and engagement in-store and online and how the two channels have been more effectively aligned.

Interactive Discussion: Dell, LV & Telegraph Media Group

3 senior Marketing leaders from Dell, LV and the Telegraph Media Group discuss their respective digital strategies as well as the latest digital trends and how these are shaping the future of marketing and customer experience across multiple industries.

Presentation: Justis Saayman, Silverpop

Automated marketing messages have become such a common aspect of digital marketing that unless you stand out, these strategies are not effective. Justis Saayman from Silverpop (an IBM company) goes into detail about how automated marketing can be improved and adapted  to drive effective customer experience.

Presentation: Mike de Halpert, Ebay

Ebay’s Head of Strategic Analytics discusses the virtues of media mix modelling how it can dramatically cut costs by optimising a company’s digital marketing and customer experience strategy.   

Presentation: Procter and Gamble Prestige & Barclays Bank

Listen to Jean Paul Jansen from Procter & Gamble’s Prestige division and Robert Wint from Barclays explain how they have developed their marketing content strategies into fully integrated, digital campaigns which have helped to reinforce brand identity and customer experience.  

Presentation: Katja Sizova, Vodafone

In this case study presentation, Katja Sizova shares how Vodafone has optimised customer experience thanks to a range of digital strategies across multiple platforms over the last 2 years.

Presentation: Frank Martin, SVP Revenue, Adaptly

Adaptly’s SVP of Revenue talks about how autonomous marketing platforms are transforming customer experience by allowing companies to adapt to the behavioural and social changes which have resulted from the rise of smartphones and digital technology.