The largest virtual conference dedicated to field service leaders, delivering data-driven solutions to improve the customer experience post Covid-19

17 June, 2020 | ONLINE | 8:50am - 11:40AM Australian Eastern Standard Time

Marcus Swansborough

Field Services Manager IT Operations and Communications NSW Fire and Rescue

Conference Day: 17 June 2020

Wednesday, June 17th, 2020

9:30 AM Speed of Response in the Wake of a Pandemic: Exploring the Technology, Skills and Change Management Strategies Required in Emergency Services for the On-Field Workforce

The increased frequency and severity of disasters caused by our changing climate has made it necessary to prepare communities for the unprecedented. As shown by the outbreak of COVID-19, being ‘future ready’ requires businesses to find innovative ways for disaster resilience, embedding this into daily BAU. This session run by NSW Fire & Rescue’s Marcus Swansborough will reveal the work his team are doing to handle disaster relief in times of crisis.

Discover how they handled the outbreak, and the learnings they took along the way.