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Field Service Automation
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Contributor: IQPC Editorial Team
Posted: Tue, 03/06/2018
Are enterprises with field service attaining the proper level of mobile maturity in order to take the next step forward in digital transformation? Full Content »
Contributor: Jason Koestenblatt
Posted: Mon, 02/06/2017
Capriza Art
Field employees have an inherent obstacle in workflow efficiency: their daily location prevents them from operating in a standard office environment where processes come together in the enterprise.It’s clear, however, that companies who mobile enable their field workers aren’t just drastically cutting their production times, but saving millions of... Full Content »
Contributor: Jason Koestenblatt
Posted: Mon, 09/26/2016
Looking to enhance worker productivity and customer service efficacy, one field management software company has enlisted the technology of augmented reality and fleet management services for real-time communication and strengthening products.ClickSoftware has partnered with two technology companies that will expand its cloud-based platform,... Full Content »
Posted: Fri, 07/15/2016
field service, rugged, IoT, enterprise mobility, mobile enterprise
Advances in cellular connectivity, cloud-based applications, and the Internet of Things are creating new opportunities for businesses to derive value out of their field services organizations. In this report you will read about:Changing market forces and the Internet of ThingsManaging challenges around anytime, anywhere connectivityMeeting... Full Content »
Contributor: IQPC Editorial Team
Posted: Fri, 07/01/2016
Secure Enterpise Messaging
Messaging applications abound in the consumer space, providing users with a tool for communication equipped with unique features and free services (when connected to WiFi). The enterprise market, on the other hand, and in spite of rampant mobile device adoption over of the past few years, has resisted messaging applications—both consumer and... Full Content »
Contributor: IQPC Editorial Team
Posted: Mon, 06/27/2016
Frankfurt International Airport Case Study - Rugged Mobile Devices Productivity
In today’s ever-evolving working environment, your mobile VPN needs to offer the flexibility, visibility, and control needed to empower limitless productivity for your workforce.  Discover how one of the busiest airports in the world has deployed a user-friendly mobility solution that doesn’t require staff to be tech-savvy to access mission... Full Content »
Posted: Sun, 10/25/2015
Are You Making the Most of Your Field Services Calls?

Deploying the right mobile field service solution can decrease your costs, increase revenue, enhance cross-selling opportunities and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Download this FREE white paper to find out how to:

Identify target areas of inefficacies within your enterprise

Improve your bottom line

Inspire customer... Full Content »
Posted: Sun, 09/27/2015
Identifying and Overcoming the Obstacles to Achieve Enterprise Mobility Excellence

Whether deploying, securing or managing mobility solutions in a professional environment, enterprise leaders must go to great lengths to ensure their investments are effective and easily assimilated into their existing workflows.

In order to avoid encountering challenges with rugged mobile devices and other specialist mobile solutions, it is... Full Content »
Contributor: Robbie Westacott
Posted: Tue, 09/22/2015
Field Workers and Office Managers Brought Closer Together with Innovative Task Management App

Leading global provider of fleet and mobile asset management solutions, MiX Telematics, has announced a new task management application, MiX Go, which will enable customers to streamline communication and task management between mobile fieldworkers and the office.

"MiX Go is customisable to customers' unique operations, and makes use of... Full Content »
Posted: Sun, 09/20/2015
2020 Vision: How Mobile Technologies are Transforming Field Operations

Field operations are in a state of strategic and tactical transition. Today’s organisations must cope with growing pressures ranging from tougher competition to eroding margins to the increasingly difficult task of finding and retaining good employees.

They also face a series of formidable business challenges such as improving customer... Full Content »
Contributor: Robbie Westacott
Posted: Mon, 08/17/2015
Leading EMM Platform Expands to Embrace New OS and Improve Mobile UX

August 7, 2015

This week, AirWatch released AirWatch 8.1, the latest edition of its leading EMM platform. The new release will encompass support for newly-announced operating systems and mobile devices.

The new solution will also concentrate on features that make the end user’s experience more fluid and intuitive, a key component... Full Content »
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Posted: Thu, 11/27/2014
The Internet of Things: Realities Today and Opportunities Ahead

This discussion panel from Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Las Vegas, addresses the questions of how the internet of things and the Machine-to-Machine markets are currently evolving, as well as examining the issues surrounding these innovative technologies.

Moderated by Godfrey Chua, Principal Analyst, Machina Research, the panellists which took Full Video »
Posted: Wed, 06/04/2014
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Enterprise Mobility is essentially about productivity; putting the most up-to-date data into the hands of the people in the field that can do the most with it. This makes decisions faster, reactions faster, customer response faster, and creates a higher level of efficiency. In this interview, Kevin Burden, Director of Mobility for Strategy Full Podcast »
Contributor: IQPC Editorial Team
Posted: Tue, 03/06/2018
IQPC Editorial Team
Are enterprises with field service attaining the proper level of mobile maturity in order to take the next step forward in digital transformation? Full Sector Report »