What are the Top 5 Mobility Trends to Keep an Eye on in the Coming Years?

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Digital technologies are making things more complex, but more interesting and more efficient for businesses, explains Kalman Tiboldi, Chief Business Innovation Officer, TVH.

In this video interview, Kalman discusses his unique role as Chief Business Innovation Officer, and describes how those two key components align to give TVH flexibility in their approach to changing and improving through the use of technology.

Kalman also touches on the growing importance of data, and how organisations leverage that data, within the entire spectrum of digital innovation. This includes the internet of things, cloud, social media, analytics, mobility and many other channels of opportunity for businesses, which can save time and money by transforming workflows.

Additionally, Kalman shares his thoughts on what the five most significant trends which will emerge over the next few years may be, such as mobile app development needs and mobile marketing and customer engagement, plus much more.