Leading Insurance Provider Takes Advantage of Mobile Workforce Management to Boost Field Service Performance

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Columbia's leading insurance provider, Sura, has announced the implementation of ClickSoftware's cloud-based mobile workforce management solution for its Roadside Assistance business, to add visibility and efficiency to thousands of field service technicians active across the country.

As a result, ClickSoftware's solutions will provide Sura with real-time automated scheduling for different levels of emergency service work. Sura will then be able to ensure that every moment of the service experience is optimised for quality customer experience, ensure compliance with service-level agreements (SLAs) and crucially reduce costs.

To maximise these benefits, the insurer will roll out the solution to its own technicians in addition to third-party contractors' technicians, creating a seamless and professional customer interaction.

"In our line of work, every second counts," commented the Assistance Operational team at Sura. "ClickSoftware's robust and flexible solution will help us to efficiently assign and dispatch field resources in a timely matter, further it will arm us with an always-on connection to the field force, increasing real-time visibility of our operations. This collaboration will allow us to make real-time decisions as business needs shift, and demonstrate our reliability and proficiency to our customers through first-rate customer service."

Sura's existing manual process for managing the scheduling of its field services has often left room for avoidable errors and a spike in the time that was spent scheduling and confirming a job, resulting in longer wait times for customers, and consequential higher costs for the business.

By implementing ClickSoftware's cloud-based mobile workforce management solution, Sura will be able to centralise and automate its complex field service scheduling operations, to systematically deliver the closest and most qualified field technician resource to the customer's site in a far shorter time frame.

Mobile devices equipped with ClickSoftware's intuitive mobile solution help service technicians from start to finish through the workday. The solution will prompt field technicians to re-route schedules or travel when necessary, and provide recommendations on how to resolve issues at work sites.

From this assistance, customer service quality will naturally improve, whilst maintaining high productivity levels for the entire field force. Furthermore, Sura will gain clear visibility and control over the scheduling, and execution of field resources and tasks.

"Intelligent automation is everywhere in our products, and enables Sura to shine during every moment of the service delivery process," said Dr. Moshe BenBassat, Founder and CEO of ClickSoftware. "By matching each field technician's skill level, location and existing commitments with each open job's requirements, they will strike a crucial balance between maintaining excellent customer service and boosting operational efficiencies to support impeccable service level agreement compliance. Together with field mobility, visibility is achieved which enables proactive real time decision making."

Concurrently, Sura will be supported on its journey to mobile excellence by ClickSoftware's Latin America HQ office in Säo Paulo, Brazil.