Mobile Applications Help Non-Profit Organisation in Disaster Relief Zones

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015.

It was announced today that non-profit organisation ShelterBox will partner with enterprise mobile app software provider Flowfinity Wireless Inc.

The partnership will aim to transform the way data is collected from the front lines in areas that have been affected by natural disaster and humanitarian crisis.

ShelterBox provides emergency shelter and supplies to communities around the world overwhelmed by disaster. The organisation will work with Flowfinity to replace paper forms with mobile apps in the field, to improve efficiency and distribution of relief resources.

"Flowfinity is helping us improve monitoring and reporting from the field, so that we can tailor our aid offerings to meet the needs of our beneficiaries," said Olly Spooner, IT Support and Database Officer, ShelterBox. "By making it easier to collect and report on this vital information, we're also able to improve accountability to our donors."

The configurable mobile app platform provided by Flowfinity will help ShelterBox quickly roll out apps as required, to replace various paper forms that are still in use.

Having recently used the solution on iPhones in Paraguay, Senegal and the Philippines to survey recipients of ShelterBox aid, there are now plans to expand its use with an iPad app in Spanish and English for another aid evaluation in Paraguay.

"We are pleased to support ShelterBox in its efforts to become efficient in day-to-day operations, so that valuable funding can be freed to provide an even greater impact for families and communities in need," said Larry Wilson, VP of Sales and Marketing, Flowfinity.

With mobile applications and other technologies already making a big impact in important industries such as healthcare, it is extremely positive to see mobility being used to help non-profit organisations empower their employees and improve their services.