The Road to Enterprise Mobility Exchange, East Coast, Day 4: Analyst Insights

Enterprise Mobility is essentially about productivity; putting the most up-to-date data into the hands of the people in the field that can do the most with it. This makes decisions faster, reactions faster, customer response faster, and creates a higher level of efficiency.

In this interview, Kevin Burden, Director of Mobility for Strategy Analytics reveals what he feels are the top three advantages which mobile technology gives to enterprises, as well explaining how "smart-employees" have been the most significant driver so far in 2014.

Despite not taking part in the "Clash of the Analysts"structured debate at the Enterprise Mobility Exchange, East Coast later this month, Kevin and Yankee Group's Chris Marsh were both asked the same questions as our two participants, to add even more depth to this comprehensive view of the current Enterprise Mobility landscape.

Kevin also touches on the importance of re-architecting, rather than retro-fitting, when it comes to existing applications and other legacy systems. Additionally, Kevin addresses the somewhat unmatchable pace of technology advancements, and how Mobile Centres of Excellence can help organisations manage and keep up with the speed of enterprise adoption.

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