How Can Your Enterprise Create the Best Mobile User Experience?

"Good enough is no longer good enough" when it comes to enterprise applications, thanks to the remarkable innovations that mobile devices in the workplace have introduced, driving the demand for a consumer-level mobile user experience in the enterprise setting.

This panel discussion from Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Las Vegas covers how user experience can be a common point of failure for many organisations, if they don't consider how compelling their applications or solutions need to be for their employees to adopt them.

Some of the issues discussed include porting existing apps and making them mobile-friendly, contextual relevance, designing for mobile-first, designing for a multi-device platform cost-effectively, and what really makes a good mobile user experience for enterprises.

The panellists also cover the importance of serving lines of business with a positive mobile user experience, and the impact this can have on how organisations operate.

Moderated by Jeff Wallace, the specialists that took part in this valuable panel session were:

Scott Plewes, VP User Experience Design, Macadamian
Greg Raiz, CEO and Founder, Raizlabs
Viral Shah, Mobility Architect and Strategist, Kelloggã??s
Charlie Claxton, Chief Creative Strategist, UpTop.Corp