Top 10 from April: Enterprise Mobility Month in Review

We're revisiting the top 10 posts from April to look back on the opening month of Q2; including the launch of a brand new Exchange event, seven deadly sins, an Advisory Council contribution and some exciting activity from two highly regarded Enterprise Mobility Exchange partners. Listed below is our month in review.

1. Mobile Connectivity: Chaos & Opportunity

Connectivity is the foundation of a successful mobile deployment. Without the means for devices to stay connected to business-critical applications and management processes, enterprises will not achieve the productivity and efficiency benefits they are striving to attain. In this webinar, attendees will learn how to identify and isolate the causes of connectivity issues and mitigate the problems outside of their control, ensuring field service workers get reliable real-time access to data and applications.

2. 8 Factors to Consider when Creating your Enterprise Mobility Plan

This whitepaper from BlinkMobile examines the opportunities and challenges that mobile devices can bring to organisations, and proposes that an architectural, ordered approach will be needed to deliver long-term mobility solutions that will keep pace with user expectations, device capabilities and web/cloud services.

3. The Seven Deadly Sins of Enterprise Mobility

In such a fast-paced, dynamic and unpredictable market, it is easy for organisations to make critical errors when it comes to the fundamentals of Enterprise Mobility. These seven deadly sins are designed to warn, and remind companies about areas in which fatal mistakes can be made. Comprised of the thoughts of seven experts within the field of mobility, this presentation provides tips and guidance across seven key issues for the mobile enterprise.

4. The mCommerce Exchange 2014 Event Summary

Over the first two days of April, Enterprise Mobility Exchange held the first annual mCommerce Exchange at the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Among the leading case studies, debates and discussions held at this event were two innovative and dynamic presentations from Adam Silverman, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, and Manish Jha, General Manager - Mobile, the NFL, summarised here.

5. 2014 Guide to Enterprise Mobility and mCommerce Investments

The ultimate question being asked by mobility strategists is, "how can we be sure that the technologies we are implementing and spending countless millions on will generate a genuine ROI?" To try to answer this question, our network of senior-level innovators and leaders in mobility were surveyed with a series of questions about their investment priorities, their biggest challenges and their plans to overcome them in the near future.

6. The Proliferation of Mobile Opportunities in the APAC Region

Whilst attending a previous Enterprise Mobility Exchange event, Calvin Cho, Market Development Manager, Global Business Department at Bluebird Inc./Pidion shared his views on the potential for mobile technology to continue to proliferate in the Asia Pacific region in the very near future. Calvin expressed his confidence that Enterprise Mobility Exchange events in the APAC region would provide a valuable opportunity for organisations to interact, exchange philosophies and exchange strategies, to bridge the gap between the complexities of technology from regions outside of APAC.

7. Co-Innovation and Co-Creation: What it Means to be a True Mobility Partner

In this article, Jeff Wallace, Head of Mobility Practice and Business Leader, Brillio illustrates how a mobility partner can help in dealing with the challenge of balancing an organisations' mobile future, and the current trend of "save to grow", while looking ahead as mobile devices, platforms and software quickly evolve.

8. Enterprise Mobility in the Oil and Gas Industry

It has been forecast that by 2015, $8billion will have been spent globally by the oil and gas industry on mobile applications. This article explores how implementing mobile solutions and adopting mobile applications can make crucial processes for employees easier, whilst allowing organisations to stay connected with the customer and optimise equipment performance.

9. SMAC in the DNA of Enterprise Mobility

The megatrend of social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) has been one of the most powerful enablers for modern enterprises in recent years, as more and more organisations have begun to embrace these four aligned areas of technology as an opportunity for improved business processes. These elements are no longer considered separate, as the digital transformation of businesses proliferates to become virtually compulsory in achieving and sustaining success in the modern business landscape.

10. Wearable Technology Will Increase Productivity in the Enterprise

Research conducted this month by a team from Goldsmiths, University of London, produced solid evidence suggesting that wearable technologies will have a significant role to play in the future of Enterprise Mobility. The headline outcome of the study, entitled the Human Cloud at Work (HCAW), saw an 8.5% increase in productivity among the 80 workers who took part over a three week testing period. Other factors which were analysed were employee well-being and job satisfaction.

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