US Retail Organisations Receive Innovative In-Store Beacon Solutions

Friday, January 16, 2015.

New York-based development company ShopX will give away one million BLE beacons to US retailers, as part of its strategy to become a global leader in retail workforce management and in-store customer experience.

The free bluetooth-powered beacons will communicate with iOS and Android devices, and will allow retail organisations to easily deploy the ShopX marketing component of the platform, to engage customers with the contextually-aware delivery of content to mobile devices.

The software to accomplish this is also being offered to retailers for free alongside the beacon hardware, and the option of interfacing to the ShopX App-partners and the ShopX Ad-exchange will also be available.

ShopX Founder and CEO, Wayne Kyle, explained, "This for us, is an investment in infrastructure. There is so much more to beacons than just pushing ads, coupons and offers to shoppers. Through indoor navigation and mobile, retailers can dramatically improve their bottom line through optimised operations and better customer service. Customers can get instant access to in-store assistants and enjoy other online-shopping benefits whilst shopping in brick and mortar stores. It's like Uber for customer service."

Kyle predicted that the initiative will enable around 100,000 retail outlets on the ShopX beacon platform, making it the largest beacon deployment to date. This supports ShopXã??s vision for a truly connected store environment, where offline shopping works just like online shopping. The beacon technology will provide instant access to retail associates, to personal assistance and to product search options like pricing and inventory to improve the in-store experience.

"We're very confident that once retailers and shoppers experience the benefits offered through the ShopX ecosystem, they'll utilise more of the platform. We've spent over 10 years listening to retailers and consumers outline their challenges and frustrations, and the ShopX platform was built in response to this research. This is just the first part of a bold strategy that will see us dramatically disrupting the status-quo of offline retail over the next few months," added Kyle.

According to ShopX, the most compelling part of the ShopX platform for retail organisations is not the beacon marketing component, but rather the mobile enterprise tools. ShopX provides everything a retailer needs, including hardware, to put smartphones or wearable devices in employees hands and instantly facilitate personal communications, employee tracking, tasking, scheduling, training and inventory control, all without any capital expenditure from the retailer.