Twitter Interview: The Benefits and Business Advantages of Enterprise Mobility, APAC Edition

This exclusive interview will educate mobile professionals on how to leverage the benefits and business advantages of Enterprise Mobility, as we draw on the thoughts of Trent Mayberry, Managing Director of Accenture Mobility, part of Accenture Digital in Asia.

Prior to his involvement as one of the chairmen of Enterprise Mobility Exchange, APAC in October, Trent spoke to us about the current developments which are having an impact on Enterprise Mobility, with a specific focus on the market in the Asia-Pacific region.

You can read Trent's thoughts on some of the key areas of investment throughout 2014 here, all in 140 characters or less!

Enterprise Mobility Exchange: Which key market trends do you feel have been impacting Enterprise Mobility so far in 2014?

T Mayberry: There's been a lot of focus around payments and mCommerce. Also things like location-based services, beacons and the internet of things.

EME: What, in your opinion, are the three most beneficial advantages modern mobile technologies add to the enterprise?

T Mayberry: I guess I'd pick out productivity, efficiency and cost savings as the substantial targets for people embarking on mobile technology.

EME: In what ways do you feel mobility in the APAC region is standing out from the rest of the world?

T Mayberry: The mature markets focus on mobile-first. In Asia we have cases where it's a mobile-only strategy. Secondly the scale and level of impact.

EME: What do you see as being the top areas of investment in mobility in the APAC region at the moment?

T Mayberry: There's been a lot of investment in building & establishing platforms to efficiently leverage the information within connected devices.

EME: What core lessons can organisations in APAC learn from more mature markets in terms of overcoming their challenges with mobility?

T Mayberry: By re-thinking how to deliver (and measure) the user experience to their customers. Asia needs to capitalise on & leverage that trend.

EME: Which other key trends do you feel, from your wider research, will continue to impact the Asian market in 2014 and through 2015?

T Mayberry: An evolution around application management; we'll also see new use cases for the internet of things, and lastly that social collaboration.

EME: Finally, which emerging technologies do you think will have the biggest impact on Enterprise Mobility over the next three to five years?

T Mayberry: The richness of devices will change substantially over the next 3 to 5 years - the capabilities of devices, the use cases, the speed, etc.

You can listen to the full version of the interview here: An Analysis of Enterprise Mobility in Asia Pacific.