IoT, Secure Messaging Tops November Enterprise Mobility News

Just because the year’s nearly coming to a close doesn’t mean technology is slowing down one bit. In fact, Enterprise Mobility-specific news was hotter than ever in November, as readers swarmed to topics on IoT, secure messaging, and ready-made apps to help businesses mobilize legacy systems. Click on the headlines to read the full story.

IoT’s Tech Market Value Is Exploding
The Internet of Things is quickly becoming the Internet of Everything, as consumers and enterprises alike race to connect just about every piece of hardware on the planet. And because of that, the IoT technology market growth and value is about to make history.

Medical School Keeps Data, Docs Safe With Secure Messaging
In keeping progress steady while remaining compliant, the University of Alabama’s School of Medicine, one of the top-rated in the country, was missing one last piece of the technology puzzle: secure messaging among physicians and medical workers.

Secure Messaging: Why Industry Compliance Is Key
Messaging capabilities have become more advanced and secure, no doubt. But so have hacking abilities and the array of threats pummeling IT administrators and security teams. For businesses operating in compliance-heavy settings, secure messaging may never be secure enough.

Here’s Why Ready-Made Apps Are The Future
Enterprises are realizing the ability to design, develop, and deploy internally-made apps has become too costly and time consuming. Some 82% of mobile IT administrators say the process for their enterprise app to go from proposal to market is four months or more – who has time for that?

‘Disruption Is OK’: Day 1 At The Enterprise Mobility Exchange
From IoT to mobile security, enterprises around the globe are diving head-first into digital transformation to enhance productivity. The Enterprise Mobility Transformation Exchange was a gathering place for the professionals in charge of that movement.