IT Director Looks Inside IoT, Mobility Intersection

The scope of enterprise mobility is no longer just an employee with a smart device; the landscape of what businesses are accomplishing through untethered, connected equipment has a seemingly untouchable horizon filled with innovation.

Those topics and many more will be on display during the Enterprise Mobility Transformation Exchange being held at the Chateu Elan Winery & Resort in Georgia on July 9 and 10. Keynote speakers, think tanks, and round table sessions will fill the two days of content, bringing together CIOs, CISOs, Directors of IT and heads of mobility to discuss the biggest trends in enterprise mobility, and what the future holds for the state of the industry.

One think tank session will be held on the topic of “Creating A Smart Network: Combining IoT And Mobility,” and will be led by Carlos Lugo, Director of IT for an international hospitality company and owner of consulting firm Netstat Enterprises. Lugo sat down with Enterprise Mobility Exchange to discuss what he hopes the group will accomplish during the session.

Enterprise Mobility Exchange: How has this topic impacted your role at the enterprise level?

Carlos Lugo: My role in the organization has started to shift more so from managing a single type of end point to a multitude of devices. It has created a new layer of support and the ever-growing need to have a tool/platform that can not only manage a variety of operating systems with the increasing expectation from the perspective of time to resolution. Our efforts and focus has shifted into machine learning and the way to secure data from a PCI and PII side of things.

EME: As IoT and automation / machine learning become more prevalent, how can enterprises begin to harness those new technologies to move forward?

CL: Based on my experience, I would say that having a steering committee that can advocate and help drive the adoption of new technologies as well as aid in the change management of processes can exponentially help move initiatives forward, as well as setting clear expectations for the end users and stakeholders.

EME: What do you hope the Think Tank audience is able to learn from the session and bring back to their offices after the event?

CL: I will certainly hope to be able to shed some light to the ever growing BLE/Beacon/Machine learning capabilities that exist today, as well as sharing some ongoing projects and technologies we are leveraging that are helping us greatly automate and capture actionable data that will in turn help them make educated decisions on how to optimize their business models and needs. 

To learn more about the event, visit the site by clicking here.