400% ROI, Millions Saved, Super Security: 2017’s Top Case Studies

Contributor: Jason Koestenblatt
Posted: 12/22/2017
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Enterprise Mobility Exchange readers find great value in case studies and learning what peers in their own industry, as well as IT pros from different fields, are doing to continue the mobile transformation journey.

We’ve made a concerted effort in 2017 to bring those stories to light and share them with our audience. Below are five case studies that resonated most with our audience and include phishing, app development, WiFi security, and secure messaging.

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‘Going Mobile’ In Illinois Creates 400% Time ROI
The state of Illinois technology team knew that by enhancing enterprise mobility functionality workers and departments could see a tremendous time savings. So, the mobile team created apps that aided in speeding workflows, and the return on investment was substantial.

Go Phish Yourself: Non-Profit Tests Employees, Improves Security
When building an enterprise security team from the ground up, the Henry M. Jackson Foundation knew it needed to make its employees aware of phishing scams and techniques – one of the most heavily used hacking formats from attackers. CISO Rizwan Jan decided in order to up the awareness in his organization, a self-phishing program should be used. See what the results were.

Medical School Keeps Data, Docs Safe With Secure Messaging
When the University of Alabama’s School of Medicine realized its students and clinicians were communicating via text message, CIO Nazmul Islam knew it was time for the HIPAA compliant organization to ensure security. See how the school endured digital disruption while implementing a secure messaging platform.

Alaska Air Uses iPhones, iPads for Rapid Mobile Transformation
When you think about the amount of people working on a single flight’s takeoff, landing, and turnaround process, timing is off the essence. That’s why Alaska Air’s mobile explosion has led to the potential savings of millions of dollars every day.

U. of Wisconsin Upgrades WiFi Security, Protects 70K Daily Users
How does a school campus with 70,000 connected users keep itself and those on the WiFi network secure? CISO Bob Turner explains the importance of analyzing and protecting the network when data from mobile devices was in constant motion. 

Jason Koestenblatt
Contributor: Jason Koestenblatt