Practitioner Q&A: Enterprise Mobility’s Shifting Focus

Contributor: Jason Koestenblatt
Posted: 12/27/2017
Shifting Focus

In the business IT landscape, the amount of proselytizing from analysts, futurists, evangelists and the like at the end of each year is substantial. But what about the end user, the practitioner in the trenches who’s more intimate with the technology than anyone else? Those are the folks who are seeing what works and what doesn’t, and how it influences his or her individual industry and enterprise.

Enterprise Mobility Exchange reached out to a couple of its advisory board members – one from the healthcare industry, another from the financial services field – to ask a few questions about enterprise mobility’s shift in 2017, and where it’s headed in the new year. Here’s what we learned.

Enterprise Mobility Exchange: What’s been the biggest innovation in enterprise mobility in 2017, generally speaking?
Brad Shafton, Director, Innovation & UX: The adoption of chatbots
Jim Floyd, Director of Global Mobility Services: Probably security and the need to continually face the battle for the mobile desktop. This has led to new ideas and new requirements in the enterprise space.

EME: What do you expect the most adopted enterprise mobility technology or disruption will be in 2018?
BS: The realistic results of artificial intelligence
JF: Move from Mobile Device Management (MDM) to Mobile Application Management (MAM

EME: What is your enterprise’s specific focus in 2018 when it comes to mobility?
BS: Driving value
JF: We expect to move from “heavy” MDM to a lighter touch MAM to provide a better employee experience.

EME: How is AI and IoT going to impact workflows next year?
BS: I think IoT is perhaps the most over utilized term versus results. The data has always existed, and now we have the ability to apply AI to that, and get some predictive analysis, but the validation will come from the results it delivers, and I think few outside the biggest of corporations are getting that currently.
JF: We expect AI to assist more with automation and with our service desk in solving simple, repetitive issues.

EME: Where does mobile security rank on the 2018 priority list?
BS: Security in general is among the top three priorities for our entire IS team.
JF: High; we have implemented threat detection for all corporate devices.

The overall outlook for enterprise mobility in 2018 remains grand, with cloud and artificial intelligence leading the way in terms of priorities, according to a recent survey conducted by Enterprise Mobility Exchange in conjunction with VDC Research. To see the full results of that data, read the report titled, “Looking Forward & Back: Where’s Enterprise Mobility Headed in 2018?” by clicking here.

The white paper outlines which tech priorities are atop practitioners’ lists in the coming year, and analyzes the progression of needs in enterprise mobility with historical data from 2016 and 2017, and how that’s shaping the use of mobility in the coming year.

As seen in the responses above, various industries also require different focuses on technology, depending on need and regulation compliance, not to mention user experience. Learn more about which industries are accepting the use of enterprise mobility and all it has to offer in this global report, titled “The Edge Of Enterprise Mobility: Which Industries Lead?” by clicking here.

Jason Koestenblatt
Contributor: Jason Koestenblatt