Fast Facts: What’s Forcing App Management Market’s Value To Triple?

Contributor: Jason Koestenblatt
Posted: 01/19/2018
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Hey, you’ve got enterprise apps! Congrats! Now it’s time to manage them properly.

According to a new study by MarketsandMarkets, the application management market value is expected to nearly triple in less than half a decade, jumping from $10.67 billion in 2017 to $27.83 billion in 2022, with a CAGR of 21.2%.

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But what’s behind the major push?

Several factors, the report showed, including the need for business agility, accelerated time-to-market, emergence of BYOD, and proliferation of mobile devices. Additionally, the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) industry is expected to grow quickest during the forecast period.

“This sector is accelerating its digital transformation strategy by implementing new technologies and modernizing its existing applications,” the study said. “The BFSI vertical mainly faces regulatory compliance difficulties, challenges to attract new customers, and increase customer profitability. To address this challenge, the enterprises are emphasizing on application management solutions and services. The major part of the BFSI IT spending is utilized for the IT infrastructure maintenance and running the existing technology; to reduce this expense, the enterprises are adopting the application management services at a higher rate.”

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Jason Koestenblatt
Contributor: Jason Koestenblatt