Can MobileIron’s Latest Security Feature Secure Cloud Data On Mobile Devices?

Contributor: Shay Khosrowshahi
Posted: 04/12/2016
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MobileIron, the mobile enterprise security company, today announced the launch of MobileIron Access, the latest addition to the company's portfolio of security features for protecting organisational data.

MobileIron Access establishes a new security requirement: only trusted apps, on trusted devices with trusted users, should be able to access corporate data in the cloud. MobileIron Access can be intergrated with many of the most widely used enterprise cloud apps, including Box, Google Apps for Work, Office 365, and Salesforce.

In the legacy PC era, the only thing that mattered was user identity. A company issued an employee a computer and that was the only device that could access corporate applications that resided in the company's data centers behind the firewall. The employee was authenticated using an Identity Management System, such as Active Directory, and granted access to corporate data.

Stopping data loss

That model doesn't work in the mobile and cloud era because users can access data by downloading any app that uses the Cloud service, authenticate to it, and share it with other personal apps. For example, an employee could use a friend's device that is not managed by their company to access Salesforce, download customer data, and upload it to their personal cloud storage account.

This is clearly a worry for companies, so to prevent this from happening, companies need to ensure that not only is the device and user authorized, but that the app is too. With MobileIron Access, for the first time, enterprises can ensure that only approved apps with data managed in the enterprise sandbox can connect to the cloud service via mobile devices.

Access builds on MobileIron's portfolio of security solutions:

•             It  protects data-in-motion and blocks access from non-compliant devices and the MobileIron Tunnel does this for applications

•             Identity Access Management integration allows IT administrators to use MobileIron to make access decisions based on the state of the device and the corporate identity of the user, and, now, MobileIron Access does this for cloud services.