5 Most Popular Enterprise Mobility Exchange Articles In Q3

A Look Back At An Exciting 3 Months In Digital Transformation

Steven Lerner

Another quarter is in the books. During 2018’s Q3, Enterprise Mobility Exchange covered numerous topics in digital transformation. We covered important issues and critical pain points that IT leaders are dealing with on a constant basis. There were case studies, interviews, listicles, and whitepapers that were published during the past three months that were full of expert insights and information. With Q3 in the rearview mirror, here are the 5 most popular articles published in July, August, and September:

5. At VMworld, Look For The Hidden Gems

Enterprise Mobility Exchange attended VMworld in August 2018 to cover the latest trends in digital transformation. Although there were several big name speakers who headlined the event and generated the most buzz, we highlighted a few lesser known — but important — parts of VMworld that organizations should be aware of. The first hidden gem was Caveonix, an intent-based cloud workload protection platform designed to handle challenges with hybrid cloud.

4. 5 Benefits Of Virtual Reality In The Enterprise

Virtual Reality (VR) has taken the enterprise by storm. Some of you probably agree with that assessment, which is why this article was very popular. Many organizations are already harnessing this technology and they are seeing incredible results. Enterprises are using VR to improve the recruitment process, onboarding, and training; as well visualizing big data, and to bolster security. This article about VR benefits also includes tangible examples of the technology in practice.

3. The Role Of Leaders In Digital Transformation

At the heart of every enterprise’s digital transformation is a leader who has the capabilities to inspire cultural and organizational changes. Abhijit Bhaduri, a keynote speaker, author, and columnist who serves as a digital transformation coach to organizations and leaders, discussed ways that leaders keep up with digital transformation, and how to avoid potential blind spots. He also explained competitive advantages of digital transformation.

2. Member Spotlight: Jim Floyd of AIG

This quarter, Enterprise Mobility Exchange decided to ‘have a little fun’ by showcasing our members and some surprising personal details about each one, to get to know them better. Jim Floyd, the Director of Global Mobile Services for AIG, was the first victim brave member to participate in the experimental series. Jim must have a lot of friends because his Member Spotlight article was really popular. Perhaps the reason for the popularity was because Jim discussed his incredible talent for picking up objects with his feet.

1. 5 Revolutionary Advantages Of Combining Blockchain With Internet Of Things

Okay, we get it — you really like the topics of blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT). Combining these two technologies, known BIoT or Blockchain of Things, can be really powerful, which explains why the market is growing. In the article, Enterprise Strategy Group’s Michael Leone discusses advantages of blockchain and IoT, such as an accelerated data change, lower costs, and improved security.