7 Remarkable Statistics About The Current State Of Digital Transformation

An Analysis Of Our Annual Survey Report

Steven Lerner

In December 2018, Enterprise Mobility Exchange released its annual report on the state of the industry. The report included insights from experts and the results of a survey from IT leaders. The annual report is great way to understand current initiatives and challenges with digital transformation.

With all of the incredible survey data, there were some results that deserve a second look, because they could potentially signal a major change in IT. Here are seven surprising facts from the annual report.

1. Enterprises Will Invest More In Blockchain Than Apps

This is not a typo. Enterprise Mobility Exchange asked its audience of IT leaders their top technology investments in 2019. While more common solutions, such as artificial intelligence (AI), dominated the top of the list with 70% of enterprises planning to invest in it, 32% were planning to invest in blockchain. In the same poll, only 29% said that they were investing in app development in 2019. It might be shocking to discover that blockchain project funding could exceed app development funding. However, later in the survey, users also indicated that blockchain adoption could potentially increase by five times next year.

2. Mobility Leaders Not Losing Sleep Over Security

Security is often considered to be one of the biggest concerns within enterprise mobility. However, if our most recent poll is an indication, it would seem that this sentiment might be overrated. Over three out of four IT leaders feel that the overall state of enterprise mobile security is improving. Furthermore, security is no longer viewed as the top enterprise mobility challenge. IT leaders pinpointed at least six other mobility challenges that were greater than security, including budgeting. The fact that security is only the 7th biggest mobility challenge is a sign of changing times.

3. Mobile Solution Or Mobile Policy? None Of The Above

Despite the rising concerns about keeping mobility costs down, some enterprises are forgoing the use of a mobile solution. Nearly one out of five enterprises doesn’t have any mobile solution in place. That means no Mobile Device Management (MDM), no Mobile Application Management (MAM), and no Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). When leveraging mobile solutions, enterprises can improve productivity, increase efficiency, and identify cost-saving measures. The idea of not utilizing any solution is risky. Additionally, one in four enterprises also lack any mobile device policy.

4. A Majority Of Enterprises Are Embracing Wearables

The use of wearable devices has taken off in the enterprise. Nearly 60% of enterprises allow workers to access data and apps on wearable devices, such as a smartwatch. It is common to have many emerging technologies take off on the consumer level before reaching enterprise adoption. The 60% adoption rate in the enterprise is absolutely incredible, especially when you compare it to the fact that only about 35% of consumers are using wearable devices in their personal lives. Wearable devices are one area where the enterprise is embracing new technologies ahead of consumers.

5. UEM Adoption Could Triple In 2019

Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) started to take the enterprise by storm in 2018. By the end of the year, IT leaders indicated that 18% of their organizations shifted to UEM. However, another 40% said that they plan to leverage the solution in 2019. That means that UEM adoption could potentially jump from 18% to 58% next year. There are many benefits to integrating UEM. However, there are also some challenges that could prohibit UEM adoption in 2019, such as the use of legacy equipment.

6. Some Companies Still Have Not Migrated To The Cloud

It seems like a forgone conclusion that every business also already migrated to the cloud. In fact, if the survey is any indication, the real cloud questions that will dominate 2019 surround the use of cloud platforms. For example, there is a strong debate about the use of a hybrid cloud in the enterprise. However, at the end of 2018, nearly one in five organizations has not even migrated to the cloud yet. That number might change in 2019 if those enterprises can overcome the challenges related to cloud migration.

7. 2019 Could Be The Year Of IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is being examined by organizations around the world. There are numerous IoT use cases across several industries, with the technology used to strengthen productivity and lower costs. Currently, one out of three enterprises is already utilizing IoT. Another 38% in the survey plan to do so in 2019. If IoT adoption doubles next year, then 2019 could be the year of IoT in the enterprise.

These extraordinary findings were just a sample of the survey data in the annual report. Download the exclusive report about the state of digital transformation in 2019.