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University of Arkansas

The higher education enterprise is behind the times when it comes to IT initiatives and going mobile-forward, but many institutions are looking to change that mindset.In just the last year University of Arkansas has taken on major initiatives including WiFi implementation and virtualized desktops for students on the go so they're able to connect wherever, whenever to their particular school or major within the institution. Download the report and learn more about what's taking... Learn more

March Market Report Art

Migrating to the cloud, whether in full or taking a hybrid approach, may be the right move for most IT enterprises. It may not be, however, for certain businesses. From cost to efficiency to on-premise infrastructure, is cloud migration the right move for the enterprise?Enterprises need to seek out test environments, compare pricing, and fully understand the ramifications of moving to different platforms. Should they go with public or private? What other considerations should be made? While the... Learn more

Miami Roundtable

Dozens of events, hundreds of emails, and even more phone calls. But where does it lead? What value is found in churning through the business cycle to only end up right back where you started?Some events feature thousands, even tens of thousands of people and too many vendors who have no idea which end users are in attendance or what their needs are. That’s what differentiates Enterprise Mobility’s Exchange model from the rest.Dozens of IT executives from the C-suite, VPs, directors, and heads... Learn more


The future of the enterprise is to be mobile-first, but fueling that transformation is the software and processes that create the ability to enhance productivity and save costs.Enter RMAD – Rapid Mobile Application Development – and its code-free approach allowing citizen developers to build the applications needed to further business while untethering the IT department from logjams on the backend.Enterprise Mobility Exchange surveyed IT professionals about where their companies currently stand... Learn more

Mobile Solutions Art

As mobility grows in the enterprise, so do the number of complications. Without a management plan – mobility governance aligned with business goals – your device management will be defined by manual processes, limited visibility, and fragmented systems.Mobile usage among employees is becoming more complex, and failure to implement an end-to-end mobility strategy will prove disastrous.In this report you’ll learn:Who’s in control of the mobile device managementHow is lack of strategy affecting... Learn more

Bob Turner

Overseeing an enterprise with more than 70,000 daily users who take advantage of 200,000 endpoints is nothing short of a security nightmare. Such is the case for Bob Turner, Chief Information Security Officer at the University of Wisconsin's Madison campus.Turner, who recently managed the upgrade of the campus's wireless network security, recently spoke with Enterprise Mobility Exchange about what his "normal" week looks like at work. Download the "Week In The Life Of A CISO: Bob... Learn more

University of Wisconsin

One of the largest public universities in America, University of Wisconsin, has a student enrollment and faculty total surpassing 70,000 people on a daily basis. Each one of them on campus is using, on average, three to five connected mobile devices each day.So how does a school campus with that many connected users keep itself, and those on the WiFi network, secure? Download the case study to find out how Chief Information Security Officer Bob Turner and his team recently took the next step in... Learn more

February Market Report

In an increasingly mobile world, personal and corporate devices have become extensions of our bodies, keeping us connected at all times. The amount of personal or business-related information stored on these devices, or at least accessible to, is astronomical.Guarding against theft is no easy task, and enterprises need to be in the business of strengthening authentication systems to best protect their company against theft. What are the best techniques and practices when bolstering... Learn more

Capriza Art

Field employees have an inherent obstacle in workflow efficiency: their daily location prevents them from operating in a standard office environment where processes come together in the enterprise.It’s clear, however, that companies who mobile enable their field workers aren’t just drastically cutting their production times, but saving millions of dollars along the way. In this report, “Mobile-Enabling Field Teams for Immediate Financial Impact,” case studies will highlight enterprises who... Learn more

January Market Report Cloud

Cloud storage has become more than just an option, rather, it’s nearly imperative to operate in the next wave of information technology. But should the enterprise hand over the keys for all its data to a single storage unit?A hybrid cloud approach offers different options, provides a variety of solutions, and keeps enterprises flexible in their pursuit of data storage and protection.In this report you'll learn:Differentiators between hybrid cloud and full offsite storageHow to manage... Learn more

120 whitepaper results
of 11