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Ryan Fay

When overseeing a global network of more than 50,000 mobile users and a private onsite data storage center, the days are long and the nights are longer for the CIO of a global company. Ryan Fay, Global CIO of ACI Specialty Benefits, has been building IT processes and overseeing solution implementations at the company for seven years. Fay spoke with Enterprise Mobility Exchange in our ongoing series, "A Week In The Life Of" to explain what his normal work week looks like.Download the paper... Learn more

Mobile Web

Everybody has their favorite app. But can you name even three mobile websites you like?Mobilizing 20-year old websites to be impactful in the digital age has become a bear, but necessary as smartphone traffic is poised to dominate the World Wide Web by 2019. The choice comes down to deploying an app the company may have no control over or creating a radical reset of the enterprise’s mobile web strategy.In this report, you’ll learn about:Common issues with mobile sites and pitfalls to look... Learn more

Appthority Art

Mobile security can’t be ignored when establishing the enterprise’s overall security plan. Mobile devices are a silent enabler for even more successful breaches, and will continue to be as companies move from mobile consideration to mobile-only business platforms.According to FBI Director James Comey, there are two types of companies in the United States: “Those that have been hacked, and those who don’t know they’ve been hacked.” Securing all the enterprise’s endpoints, including mobile, is... Learn more


Bringing the past into the future may be daunting, but is a digital transformation worth doing. That’s where mobilizing legacy systems can trigger a culture and business shift in the enterprise.Enterprise Mobility Exchange surveyed IT professionals about where their companies currently stand in the mobile application space and how much of their legacy systems need to be mobilized. This infographic, titled App Road Map: The Enterprise’s Code-Free Future, highlights the challenges and successes... Learn more

MobileIron art

What does the mobile threat landscape look like, and what are your peers doing about it? This semi-annual review provides IT security leaders with timely information about the mobile threat landscape and the emerging risks facing their organizations, and recommendation on what to do about them.In this report, you’ll learn about:The top mobile threats and trends and what to do about themTop enterprise apps your peers are using, and most blacklisted mobile appsA security hygiene priority... Learn more

Callaway Golf Art

Supplying the world with great golf equipment and apparel is Callaway Golf’s forte, but what happens behind the scenes that drives the decades-old manufacturer into the future is a burgeoning enterprise mobility trend.Enterprise Mobility Exchange caught up with Sai Koorapati, VP of IT at Callaway Golf, about mobility initiatives that have grown in the last two years to help progress the company’s digital transformation.Download the case study to learn more about Callaway Golf.  Learn more

Mobile Solutions 2 Art

Have you ever wondered what your enterprise’s mobile maturity level truly is? What’s your organization’s visibility into its network’s mobile plans, data, and services?Without knowing your company’s mobility management maturity, how can the enterprise navigate next steps in mobile-first growth? An easy and quick survey weighting responses on a scale of 1 to 10 is an efficient way to learn where the business sits, and how it can progress.In this two-page report you’ll learn:How to measure your... Learn more

University of Arkansas

The higher education enterprise is behind the times when it comes to IT initiatives and going mobile-forward, but many institutions are looking to change that mindset.In just the last year University of Arkansas has taken on major initiatives including WiFi implementation and virtualized desktops for students on the go so they're able to connect wherever, whenever to their particular school or major within the institution. Download the report and learn more about what's taking... Learn more

March Market Report Art

Migrating to the cloud, whether in full or taking a hybrid approach, may be the right move for most IT enterprises. It may not be, however, for certain businesses. From cost to efficiency to on-premise infrastructure, is cloud migration the right move for the enterprise?Enterprises need to seek out test environments, compare pricing, and fully understand the ramifications of moving to different platforms. Should they go with public or private? What other considerations should be made? While the... Learn more

Miami Roundtable

Dozens of events, hundreds of emails, and even more phone calls. But where does it lead? What value is found in churning through the business cycle to only end up right back where you started?Some events feature thousands, even tens of thousands of people and too many vendors who have no idea which end users are in attendance or what their needs are. That’s what differentiates Enterprise Mobility’s Exchange model from the rest.Dozens of IT executives from the C-suite, VPs, directors, and heads... Learn more

127 whitepaper results
of 13