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Appdome 5 Challenges

IT administrators are encountering obstacles when it comes to app integration, but new technologies can enable mobile services quickly.The Top 5 Enterprise Mobility Challenges

Jim Degliumberto

Overseeing the day-to-day information technology operations for a growing healthcare company is no easy task. Jim Degliumberto, Chief Information Officer for Southeastrans, Inc., knows the daily grind firsthand.Week In The Life: Jim Degliumberto, CIO, Southeastrans

The Current State of Mobile Malware

Malware is one of the hottest topics in enterprise mobile security, and yet, many still fail to fully comprehend the risk. The number of threats and breaches coming by way of mobile malware continues to escalate and cause chaos in the company setting.The Current State of Mobile Malware

OnSolve White Paper

The Internet of Things is taking hold, but enterprises admit they're not full prepared for the security needs.Cyber Security In The IoT Era: What You Need To Know

Mobile Solutions Art

Operating a productive mobile environment will require full life cycle solutions that could save organizations millions annually.Full Life Cycle: Mobile Management Strategies

September Market Report Art

Enterprises don't understand the need for rugged devices for field use and are losing money by constantly purchasing consumer-grade equipment.Expanding The Enterprise: Deploying Rugged Devices

Capriza White Paper DT

Quick wins and business agility begin with mobility as enterprises pursue digital transformation.Modernize Or Be Disrupted: Digital Transformation’s Value

Mobile Revolution

Does your mobile strategy have the right pieces to make an impact for your enterprise?The Mobility Revolution: Where Do You Stand?

Apperian MAM

IT administrators are struggling to find the most effective way to securely deploy and distribute mobile apps while stimulating user adoption.Mobile Application Management: A Definitive Guide

150 whitepaper results
of 15