Analysts Reveal 60% of UK Businesses now Provide Smartphones to Growing Mobile Workforces

Around 60% of businesses in the UK now provide smartphones to an increasing number of mobile workers, according to recent research by analyst firm Strategy Analytics.

The research, which involved a survey of over 300 businesses, revealed that a growing mobile workforce requires robust mobile solutions to span across geographic regions, vertical markets, and mobile worker types.

The research was carried out across a number of industry verticals in the UK, including finance, manufacturing, professional services, education, public sector, healthcare media, and more.

The survey has produced a report, which outlines the key findings from IT decision makers related to investments in mobile devices, mobile applications, mobile security, cloud and unified communications in the UK.

Among the report's key findings, Strategy Analytics also revealed that 48% of the UK workforce is now mobile, and that these mobile workers spend around 20% of their time travelling.

The majority of businesses now support both Apple iOS and Google Android devices, and 23% of UK firms indicated they will support Microsoft's Windows Phone within 12 months.

Additionally, the UK employee base is more mobile today across all devices and applications types, and more than 50% of mobile workforce use smartphones and mobile email very frequently.

Furthermore, cost savings and user device choice are reportedly the top reasons employees are allowed to purchase and use their own mobile devices in the UK. Finally, for UK firms, adopting BYOD and securing corporate information are the most important challenges faced by IT currently.

"Consumerisation of IT is one of the factors driving mobility in the UK market, and employees are increasingly using personal mobile devices for work purposes. The rise of BYOD has created a massive need for mobile security and management solutions as a means to control BYOD's security vulnerabilities," said Gina Luk, Senior Analyst of Mobile Workforce Strategies.