Boosting Sales Performance with the Capabilities and Convenience of Mobility

Last week, mobile solution provider Fragmob launched Prospector, a new enhancement to its Frag DS platform. Designed to increase sales conversions, Prospector will allow distributors to reach their maximum sales potential, while giving corporate visibility into sales activities through the power of mobile apps.

By optimising employee performance through the capabilities and convenience of mobile devices, Prospector will give distributors an efficient way to identify, rank and communicate with prospects through an intuitive interface inspired by gamification and the popular swipe to sort format.

Prospector will also stream continuous benefits to corporate leadership, by providing extensive visibility into field sales activity, helping to identify top performing workers, monitor and analyse trends, and customise distributor training.

Additional features of the new Prospector solution include pervasive documentation of sales activities, gamification of prospect sorting, quick identification of prospects within contacts, insight into prospect preferences, easy messaging services, notifications and reminders, and brand consistency for distributors.

"We think Prospector will be a game changer and we are excited to be the first company to launch this powerful technology tool," commented David Litt, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Purium Health Products. "It allows our distributors to get into action immediately, simplifies how they do business and unlocks the true potential of the database. Now our distributors will be able to easily identify, rank, and message their prospects through the app, documenting 100% of their activities. This gives us unprecedented visibility into field sales activity, enabling us to identify top performers, discover trends and focus training. I expect Prospector will make our distributors more effective and our business more profitable; a true win-win for our company."

Fragmob is currently servicing users in 26 countries with hundreds of thousands of users in its user base. The Fragmob mobile platform drives direct selling distributors towards the most focused, effective actions for their business in real-time, while measuring every activity to deliver actionable metrics, so clients and users can focus on field efforts and measure ROI.