Enterprises Receive a Boost for Information Security and Mobile Collaboration

Tuesday, January 13, 2015.

Vaultize, a leader in Enterprise File Sync & Share (EFSS), mobile collaboration and VPN-free anywhere access, today announced the launch of Digital Rights Management (DRM, aka Information Rights Management, or IRM), an initiative designed to take information security to the next level.

Vaultize’s approach to information security is an information-centric, or document-centric, one which ensures corporate data is always under the control of IT. It allows end users to create, access, edit, annotate and share documents irrespective of their physical location (including outside of corporate geo-fences), and irrespective of the type of device they are using.

Whether managed or unmanaged, these measures align productivity, flexibility and security, giving organisations a reinforced trust in their mobile deployments.

"Legacy DRM solutions are restricted to certain file formats and are difficult to use. Hence, end users try to work around them, or avoid using them. Vaultize seamlessly integrates rights management in the regular workflow of end users by embedding the controls within the documents themselves. The files shared across corporate fences are DRM encrypted, using patent pending Micro-containerisation technology such that the access rights travel along with the documents. The documents are only usable by the authorised recipients and within the authorised environment", said Anand Kekre, CEO & Co-Founder, Vaultize.

"Vaultize allows the document owner, and corporate IT, to control the use of shared documents and manage the permissions to open, view, download, print, copy-paste, forward and edit those documents. Vaultize DRM protects documents even after they are downloaded by the recipient on a device not under control of the company IT. In addition to the protection, the embedded DRM enables detailed tracking and auditing of shared files wherever they go, independent of location, device and user."

Vaultize DRM places security and employee efficiency hand-in-hand. With features such as document encryption, users require no training, as DRM incorporates this data into their regular workflows. The control and tracking services are transparent as far as users are aware, but possess the capabilities to ensure end-to-end security, minimal data leakage and required compliance.

Combined with built-in EMM, data loss prevention, and now DRM, Valutize platform is set to help more enterprises than ever embrace mobility, even in the most security-conscious and highly regulated verticals.

One of Vaultize’s enterprise users is UPL Limited, a global Agro Chemical and Crop Protection company with offices across 30 countries and customers across 120 countries. Rajesh Panchal, Global CIO of UPL commented, "We chose Vaultize for our file sharing requirements for enterprise-wide deployment because of security, particularly the built-in rights management. Being a global enterprise, we share an enormous amount of documents with outside parties. We like the information-centric security of Vaultize that gives complete control and tracking of documents even after they go beyond our corporate perimeter, and, everything comes without compromising the usability."

Additional features of Vaultize DRM which can greatly strengthen the security parameters for Enterprise Mobility include flexible location-sensitive access to content, document expiration settings, control over permissions and rights for accessing information as well as editing content, email attachment protection and full user activity tracking and reporting on corporate documents.