Mobile Workforce Management and Field Service Management Deliver Value to the Enterprise

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, has announced significant updates to its enterprise service management (ESM) offering, which is comprised of IFS Field Service Management, IFS Mobile Workforce Management, and IFS Service Management solutions.

"We are very excited about announcing the new features and capabilities of our ESM solutions, which provide unique value to our customers and companies in IFS's targeted industries," said Tom Bowe, Industry Director for Enterprise Service Management, IFS. "Our software enables optimised end-to-end service delivery and intelligent mobile workforce management - that is our mission and our passion."

IFS is a globally recognised leader in developing and delivering business software for enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise asset management (EAM) and enterprise service management (ESM). Upon the announcement, IFS offered the following full breakdown of additions to their suite of solutions:

IFS Field Service Management (5.6.2)

IFS Field Service Management (FSM) will now run natively on Microsoft Azure, enabling customers to dynamically scale system resources based on actual usage.

IFS's investment in mobility will continue at a rapid pace with enhancements including automatic calculation of estimated time of arrival, using GPS location data, flexible and intelligent surveys, forms and workflows, as well as the ability to record videos and edit/mark-up pictures.

Following incubation in IFS Labs, the Android client now supports notifications with Android's notification bar, raising visibility of key events to the users while allowing them to accept or reject job assignments directly from the notifications. Notifications will also be pushed to connected Android wearables such as Samsung Gear and other smart watches.

IFS FSM will now support crews, utilisation percentages, pre-requisite and co-requisite tasks, resource proficiency, location awareness, and on-location incentives which are all powerful optimisation capabilities to increase scheduling efficiency.

Furthermore, IFS FSM will automatically recommend solutions to a given problem as information is being entered by customer service staff or customers. Additionally, solutions will now include attachments (FAQs, product manuals, etc.), service notes and sync with the mobile devices.

IFS Mobile Workforce Management (5.7)

IFS Mobile Workforce Management (MWFM) will now cater to even more complex scheduling problems including linear assets (scheduling jobs with different start and end locations), rural area travel, part pick-up, stock drop-off and territory balancing.

Enhancements have been made to support organisations implementing dynamic scheduling in phases, from simple visualisation of the schedule, manual allocation, and semi-automated scheduling to full dynamic workforce optimisation.

IFS MWFM will also enable managers to set business goals and KPIs that automatically adjust the behavior of the scheduling software, through a simple dashboard, that continuously monitors actual performance versus business targets like SLAs , on-time completion percentage, etc.

IFS MWFM will now support the difficult manning requirements of oil rigs, ships and vessels, high-tech machinery, and other complex industries.

IFS Service Management (in IFS Applications 9)

Multiple UX enhancements have been made including embedded visualisation providing graphical representation and embedded analytics, along with improvements that will increase accuracy in call logging while ensuring minimal data entry to help organisations increase first-time fix rates and user adoption and satisfaction.

New capabilities will aid management of service inventory and logistics, including definition of part assortments for engineers or groups of engineers, automated refill from internal or external sources, and automated material allocation to meet specific work order material requirements.

Finally, a number of mobile enhancements have been made to IFS Service Management providing engineers with a complete solution to manage and execute all stages of their work orders, with or without connectivity. The mobile app contains a built-in designer that enables easy screen configuration and is coupled with smart forms, intuitive workflows and robust security - a flexible and powerful mobility solution that maximises customers' return on investment.