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09/07/2017 08:40:58 AM EDT
Bowker Anderson
ESG Analyst Mark Bowker goes for a spin with Microsoft's Corporate VP Brad Anderson to talk cybersecurity, productivity, and Citrix.
02/16/2016 19:00:00 PM EST
Enterprise Mobility Leaders Discuss the Definition of Mobility and Mobile Strategy Best Practises
In this panel discussion at the Enterprise Mobility Exchange Las Vegas, Eugene Signorini, EME Advisory Board member and Mobile Strategist, Consultant... View now
02/09/2016 19:00:00 PM EST
How Has the Consumer Experience Affected the Customer Experience From an Enterprise Perspective?
Our exclusive video panel with mobility leaders, covers how the user experience affects customer adoption, how to drive loyalty and improve UX, and what role customer experience plays within enterprise mobility. The panel includes:Jeff Wallace,... View now
02/02/2016 19:00:00 PM EST
Mobile Tech Lead at Farmers Insurance: "You Need to Know What is Out There to Understand Mobile and Provide Mobility"
Gilad Shai, Mobile Tech Lead at Farmers Insurance, discusses how mobility has impacted the way they interact with their customers. In this presentation he covers key areas on their journey, such as: When building the mobile environment... View now
01/28/2016 19:00:00 PM EST
Case Study: The Mobility Journey at Amtrak
In this exclusive presentation at the Enterprise Mobility Exchange in Las Vegas, Sean Kennedy, Senior Director of IT at Amtrak, discusses the entirety of the railroad service’s mobility journey, covering lessons learned and what the results... View now
01/21/2016 19:00:00 PM EST
"Enterprises Are Embracing Mobility Not Just For Productivity But Also For a Competitive Advantage"
Interview with the Program Vice President for Mobility Research at IDC, about security, usability, cyber threats and the future of enterprise mobility. Jack Johnson is the Program Vice President for Mobility Research at IDC, where he is... View now
11/10/2015 19:00:00 PM EST
Mobile Analyst at Forrester Research Shares Top 3 Tips for Internet of Things in the Enterprise
Interview with the Principal Analyst at Forrester Research about Internet of Things Security in the Enterprise.
11/03/2015 19:00:00 PM EST
Three Clicks or Less: The Importance of Focusing on the User Experience in Mobile App Development
Interview with the Senior Product Marketing Manager, Mobile and Head of Development for Farmers Insurance on mobile app development, UX and the future of enterprise mobility. Quinn Banks, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Mobile and Head of... View now
Tags: apps | mobile | ux
08/03/2015 20:00:00 PM EDT
Video Spotlight: Mobile App Management Drives Next Wave of Enterprise Mobility
This exclusive video features Gartner Senior Research Director Chris Silva discussing how to securely deliver mobile apps to 100% of targeted users... View now
07/26/2015 20:00:00 PM EDT
IoT and Wearables: Anytime, Anywhere Working with Enterprise Mobility
The internet of things, wearable devices and other M2M technologies are allowing anytime, anywhere working with Enterprise Mobility to be taken to a... View now
24 video results
of 3